Saturday 23 July 2011

Timpo Time#9 'The Long Arm of the Law'

It was a tough place the 'Old West' where disagreements would often spill over into the lives of the good honest folk.  Towns sprang up and to enforce the law sheriffs had to be fast on the draw.  The Timpo world of Clay County was no exception with our illustrious marshall and his plug in star breaking up this disturbance.  The 'bad guy's' bag actually says, "US Bank".  The chap with the knife is a Timpo third series cowboys released in 1972. 

Fortunately for the sheriff he could pack off his nefarious outlaws in the Timpo jail Wagon and rest easy for the evening; or could he ...

Trouble was never far away, the outlaws becoming more and more adept at evading the 'Long Arm of the Law'.


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