The Command Stand

‘The Command Stand’ is just an opportunity to showcase, in one place, those flights of fancy that I have indulged in over the years. Small collections of miniatures or scenic bases that were created, often for no other reason than I fancied doing something a little bit different.  I hope to update the page as, and when, a new piece is created with a link back to the original post.
Unleash the Clocktopus! 1st March 2016
Boxer Artillery:15th November 2012
Last Stand at Isandlwana: 26th March 2011



  1. Fantastic to see them all together!

  2. A gallery of brilliance and skill!

  3. Great idea, this is a marvellous showcase of your outstandig artwork. Thank you Michael :) Cheers!

  4. Very impressive! One of my favorite, apart from the "Kiss my QB", is the one with the Chinese rebels(?) behind some wooden boxes and a very nice Chinese white vase with blue ideograms. Is it possible to add it?

  5. WOW!!! When does the museum open?

  6. Very impressive ......Art no less 😀

  7. Just so excellent, breathtaking stuff Michael

  8. Thank you Michael! This is the one! It is amazing!

  9. WOW, these are awesome, speechless and jealous now not having your skills here...
    Love them!!!
    My compliments!!

  10. Stunning work. Just beautiful all of it.

  11. You should be really happy with that little lot. What amazing projects! Wonderful work sir. I particularly love 'the great escape'.

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