Saturday 28 March 2015

Paint Table Saturday#73

A huge thank you to all those that continue to leave comments on these posts; they are gratefully received. There has been a little bit of progress this week with the completion of General Tor and the first few passes at a couple of Zombicide walkers. Given that these are plastic miniatures, mass produced for their respective board games there is still plenty of detail to keep me interested.   

In other news, I have also been fiddling around with a couple of penguins just for fun.  Burtonesque armaments, scavenged from a variety of sources, have now been fastened to the flightless felons' backs!  I just wish I had a modicum of skill when it came to putty pushing; the ubiquitous greenstuff once again adhering to everything but its intended target.  Still with a bit of luck it will come together when painted.

Finally an image of all that I managed for the 'Vth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge'.  This meagre* collection represents just shy of four months work, but did achieve a total of 1040 points, thanks manly to the very supportive voting of my fellow challengers when it came to the bonus themed rounds.  

*Take a look a what others managed to achieve in the time and you will understand why I use the word meagre; simply staggering amounts of work here.

Saturday 21 March 2015

Paint Table Saturday#72

The first Paint Table post, post 'Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge' and this is what is left.  I managed to reach my target score thanks mainly to the generous voting of my fellow challengers in the bonus theme rounds.  The curious remnants have all got paint on them to a greater or lesser degree so my current plan is to quietly work my way through them.

That said, there is always room for a distraction and so I'm not altogether surprised to see this character slip on to the table!

Plenty more pain tables to admire here.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Happy Birthday '28mm Victorian Warfare'...

…4 today!

Today marks the 4th anniversary of '28mm Victorian Warfare', but sadly 2015 continues to prove difficult with regards to my blogging exploits.  I'm afraid in light of a healthy dose of 'real life' I have had to reassess my priorities and currently posting on progress has become an unfortunate casualty of the current situation.

I still continue to paint, model and collect when I can and many a waking moment is devoted to all things hobby related, but sadly I just don't have the time to maintain the blog to the level that I would like.

That said, I have no intention of abandoning this labour of love, apart from the time and effort already invested in '28mm Victorian Warfare', I have come to value the friendships and sense of community that were a wonderful by-product of its creation too much to turn my back on it entirely.  I have no idea when I will be able to return to more regular posting, but in the interim I have decided to quietly continue to post as part of 'Paint Table Saturday' for no other reason than to maintain some semblance of life and to prevent the dust from building up!  Please don't feel the need to comment on these posts as there are purely for my own self gratification, but I hope to be back amongst you all soon.

On the table this week, clockwork chimps! 

On a brighter note, tickets for 'Salute 2015' have been bought! 

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