Friday 22 July 2011

Timpo Time#4 'The Civil War'

I thank you all for sticking with this somewhat self indulgent nonsense but it is rather nice seeing them up on the screen in all their glory.  Next up the boys in blue; the Timpo U.S. 7th Cavalry.  Well I say that but of course with the later issue of the chaps, some of which with their plug in kepi, they become suitable opposition for the Confederate Soldiers.  Here is one of the rare occurrences when Timpo actually used the exact same models but just changed the colours of the plastics to create a new series.

Ist, 2nd and 3rd series cavalry on show

The Confederate Soldiers do not seem to have fared well, many having to find alternative headgear and all seemed to have sadly misplaced their blue neckerchiefs. 

That said I was able to swell their ranks  with the sneaky addition of these wonderful Britain's Deetail figures.  This is pretty much all I had of these iconic soldiers; it was simply cheaper to by bucket loads of Airfix.  Quality will out especially when you compare the dynamic poses to that of their earlier Timpo cousins.


  1. Bloody hell, they bring back some memories... I had a few of the figures in the top pic, I don't remember having any of the Confederates in the second and third, but i definitely had some of them in blue, especially the guy with the pistol in front of the horse.
    But then the last and my brother lining the figures up in the hallway and then chucking marbles and ball-bearings at them in knock them over and kill 'em, oh the glory of youth!!! Nice one!!

  2. What is it about these brightly coloured pieces of plastic that is so evocative of youth?


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