Sunday 22 September 2013

Euro Militaire 2013

Just the briefest of posts to share with you all some outstanding examples of model making and painting; yes it’s Euro Militaire time again!  This annual showcase is a wonderful opportunity, for myself and the ‘Provost Marshal’, to travel to sunny Folkestone and witness the handiwork of some of the finest artisans in the world.

With both of us frantically busy at our respective work places it was a wonderful treat to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before attending the show, this year on the Sunday.  As in previous years the standard of the competition entries in simply humbling and while many of the entries are at the larger scale, preferred by modellers rather than wargamers it was impossible not to be inspired by what we saw. 

With the competition entries successfully viewed* it was time to ‘get amongst it’ with the throngs of visitors all looking for a bargain on the main floor.   Not planning on a purchase per se, I did manage to snaffle some goodies including a replenishing of tufts and a rather splendid new lamp.

*One year we did actually manage to miss them due to an over indulgence of liquid refreshment in the bar!
Another fabulous day out and my thanks, once again, to the ‘Provost Marshal’ for getting us safely there and back.  Sadly this does not signal a full return to blogging as yet, but I offer this post of proof of life; one hopes to be back with you shortly! 

Wednesday 4 September 2013

200,000 page views and...


Thank you to one and all who take the time to visit this most humble of weblogs as today '28mm Victorian Warfare' has chalked up a staggering 200,000 page views.  I say staggering as I had no idea that I would manage to maintain the discipline required to post regularly, yet alone have anything of interest to post about when I started out a couple of years ago.  

In fact the blog has become intrinsically intwined with my hobby interests, a relationship that has helped me to remain focussed on developing my painting and modelling skills, but has also led to the forging of friendships that I truly cherish; so why farewell?

In fairness 'farewell' is perhaps a little over dramatic, as we start another busy academic year, I'm afraid to say that I am struggling to maintain a viable presence not only with my own blog, but in the visiting of those that I follow.  As a result, I've decided to take a small break from this cozy corner of the blogosphere in order focus on the day job.  Rest assured that this is only a temporary glitch, I'm hoping to keep painting as an escape at the weekends and it is very much my intention to return refreshed and raring to go at the end of the month.  

So with the writing of lists for 'The Dark Crucible' and trying to persuade the Saintly Mrs. Awdry to play 'X-Wing', I'm sure that I'll find plenty to occupy me, but for now at least, farewell.

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