Tuesday 25 December 2018

Happy Christmas One and All!

I just wanted to wish all visitors to '28mm victorian Warfare' a very Happy Christmas.  It has not been an easy end to the year here at Awdry Towers; real life and increasing pressures associated with the Day Job, have kept me away from our cosy corner of the 'Blogosphere'.  I shall not be rash enough to herald this as a return, but I am hopeful that a few more posts will be made before too long.

In hobby news the  'IX Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge' is well and truly underway and I am, once again, impressed at the diversity and quality of my fellow challengers.  For my own part, I have settled on a very meagre points target, but so desperately wanted to be part of this hobbying juggernaut and hope that any contribution, however small, will help springboard me back into this most wholesome of hobbies.

Happy Christmas
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