Friday 23 December 2016

Happy Christmas one and all!

Yes, I know this is a tad early, but I am unlikely to get much time at the computer over the next couple of days.  I just wanted to wish all visitors to '28mm victorian Warfare' a very Happy Christmas.  I must thank all of you that have visited and followed but in particular a huge thank you to those of you that take the the time to leave comments.  The encouragement  this engenders is immeasurable and not only maintains the enjoyment but helps to build the sense of community that has been a wonderful by-product of 'blogging'.

Happy Christmas

Tuesday 13 December 2016

I'm still here...


More a proof of life post than anything else, I just wanted to apologise for not being as prolific with my comments around the Blogosphere as I would have liked.  I know that I have missed a great many posts from the splendid blogs that I like to follow, but with the long Michaelmas Term finally drawing to a close tomorrow, I am hoping to start to redress this.  

There has been nothing too sinister to report other than a mountain of reports and all the festivities that come with the run up to Christmas, but with one thing or other my hobby time seems to have evaporated somewhat of late.  

'Dinovember' ground to a rather sudden halt, but looking back at the group photograph of all that was managed, I wasn't too disappointed with the output.  Another birthday has come and gone and I was fortunate enough to be gifted some additions to the lead pile and what with the arrival of a couple of Kickstarters, eagle eyed readers with have noticed that the '28mm Victorian Warfare' tally counter is perilously close to being in the red.

Speaking of eyes, I have also got round to getting some new glasses, including a pair of readers for close work - something that has been long overdue.  It baffles me that I managed to neglect something that is so precious to me for so long.
Finally, then, I feel it only right and proper to acknowledge the impending hobby juggernaut that is the 'VII Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge'.  I have once again thrown my hat into the ring with no fewer than ninety nine other painters and look forward to seeing what wonders will be produced over the winter period.  Prepping is underway, but one of the elements I am most looking forward to is the 'entry fee' that will see me collaborating with two of my fellow contributors to see what we can come up with as a team.
So once again it is time to hoist the Christmas banner atop the front page as I look forward to spending some time with family and friends.

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