Saturday 27 January 2024

28mm Soviet Army Zis 3 Divisional Gun

I have always enjoyed building and painting artillery whether it be the Russian guns at Balaclava, the mighty siege cannons pressed into the service of my Indian mutineers or a more modern iteration in the form of the fearsome '88

There is something about a finely crafted and historically accurate model that just looks wonderful on the tabletop.  One such gem is the Warlord Games 28mm Zis-3 Divisional Gun. This miniature artillery piece is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to historical accuracy that Warlord Games is renowned for.  
Part of the challenge is putting the thing together and I try to take a before and after shot just for my own reference and to document the process that I underwent.  It also helps to remind the 'Saintly Mrs. Awdry' that I don't just spray paint on models, those that I actually get round to painting that is.  
That said the photograph above has obviously just been sprayed using a previously long forgotten can  Army Painter Angel Green primer; a remnant of a jungle terrain build.  I did have a mild panic that it was too dark, spending far too long agonising over how accurate my palette selection was.  Ultimately I reminded myself that this was my toy and I could paint it any colour I liked and immediately set about weathering it and lightening certain areas. 
The Zis-3 Divisional Gun, a product of Soviet engineering during World War II, played a crucial role on the Eastern Front. Its versatility, power, and reliability made it a staple in the Red Army's arsenal.  My 'wintery' Soviet forces now have some significant stopping power in the armoury! 
The crew of three, bolstered here with the addition of a forward observer from the Soviet HQ pack, were all given the same treatment as the rest of the force with a suitably wintery base.  I found that a coat of heavily watered down PVA glue on the hems of the jackets persuaded the snow to adhere, adding to the illusion that they were battling the elements and not just the enemy.  
I am obviously delighted to have completed another support unit and have taken the opportunity to photograph the recent additions together.  I have a couple of more 'uniquely' Soviet support units to come so hopefully more updates in the near future.  

Monday 22 January 2024

Soviet Army 82mm Medium Mortar Team

More essential support for my hard pressed 'wintery' Soviet Army.  This 82mm Medium Mortar Team is from Warlord Games and was given much the same treatment as before.  I, like a great number of us, keep notes as to what colours I have used and so by now this palette is becoming quite familiar.  I dare say that there would be an argument for adding a bit of variety to things, but I like the repetitiveness this is giving the unit as it helps, in my eyes, to convey the feeling of a much larger force.
I am building up to a couple of larger support units before a much needed change of palette and an opportunity to catch up with some more varied subject matter. 


Friday 19 January 2024

28mm Soviet Maxim MMG

Some much needed support for my 'wintery' Soviet Army in the form of a Warlord Games Soviet Maxim MMG.  Not much in the way of component parts, but an additional three crew members needed painting to match their comrades.  Rather than use the metal heads provided, I snipped off a couple of the plastic ones from the winter infantry frame, for no other reason than to help tie in to the rest of the unit.

Once painted the base was given a light sprinkling of snow, but otherwise kept very simple.  Another useful addition done, but feel that the hard pressed infantry are going to need something with a bit more punch. 

A quick shot of the team in action...

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