Monday, 1 August 2011

28mm Meerkat Manor - The Conclusion.

Part 2 - Paint & Detailing

By initially spraying the piece with black undercoat, paying particular attention to the little beasties themselves, I was able to more easily access all the deep nooks and crannies that a paintbrush find it a little harder to be get to.  The actual terrain, the rocks, tree trunks and sand, was then coated in a chocolate brown matt emulsion.  Once this had dried the subsequent colour stages were simply dry brushed.  Slowly this was added to the sand areas and pebbles starting with Vallejo 'Japanese Uniform WWII', Foundry 'Spearshaft', Foundry 'Ochre', Foundry 'Buff Leather - Light' and then finally Vallejo 'Silver Grey'. This might appear excessive but in truth not everywhere is covered, I was hoping to create areas of shadow and depth by just leaving the hard to get to areas black.  The tree trunks and roots were also dry brushed but not to the same extent; simply Games workshop 'Dark flesh' and then a little foundry 'Spearshaft'.

Final dry brushed layer applied.
When it came to the little fur balls themselves I was suddenly struck with a very clear understanding as to why it was that I don't collect and paint a smaller scale than 28mm!  How some of you manage to focus on such a small miniature is beyond me.  That said I was able to keep my hand steady enough to pick out their white tummies and characteristic black eyes.

The finishing touches were a few strategically placed tufts and a new feature, sisal string.  I first heard about this most fibrous of strings from a fellow 'Gentleman of the Parlour'.  The Pudding Wrestler's website, 'Terrain for Hippos' is definitely worth a look jammed packed as it is with all sorts of techniques and ideas.  

All in all a successful build and the meerkats have a place they can call home - "Simples!"

Completed terrain piece
Don't look now but ...
someone is watching you!

Now because you have all been very patient and indulged my predilection for pantomime, sit back and enjoy the sweeping epic that is 'The Battle of Nervousness' a wonderful Meerkat movie!


  1. Brilliant! Great attention to detail.


  2. Wow! That's a spectacular bit of scenery!

    Maybe you could use it as an early warning system to prevent ambushes!

  3. I love it! excellent piece of terrain!

  4. Thank you all so much for the kind words, it was such a giggle to do.

    Rosbif I love the idea of it been an early warning system, brilliant!

  5. That is epically good sir, I can't beleive how tiny the meerkats are though. Kudos to you sir.

  6. That is a stunning piece! Totally flawless... made me smile, too.

  7. Lovely scenic, as per.

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  9. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much and I love your version too. :)

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