Tuesday 31 May 2022

Fleet Troopers Star Wars Legion

From the beleaguered troops of Echo Base featured in the previous post, to the similarly ill fated Fleet Troopers of the opening scene of a New Hope, I offer up more plastic loveliness from Star Wars: Legion.  Painted some time ago, these hard pressed troops have already seen active service on the tabletop and prove to be a resilient bunch, able to hold up an Imperial advance just long enough for a heroic character to save the day.  
A relative quick paint job, the hardest decision was how to base them?  I have spoken about my dislike of the 'tall' Legion bases, but it also seemed somewhat incongruous to base these chaps on a scenic base with a carefully placed flower tuft or two.  Instead I opted for clear plastic so that they could go anywhere in the service of the Rebellion, confident of not fouling the immaculately polished decks of a CR90 Corvette!
I was an avid collector of the Star Wars action figures as a small boy, not an easy thing to be in a sleepy town in rural mid Wales, but every so often the shelves of the only toy shop would be restocked.  I always hoped to find a Fleet Trooper amidst the other shelfwarmers, such was their impact from that opening scene, but sadly it was not to be.  I understand that one is available now, and in a variety of scales, but back then it seemed such an injustice for their sacrifice.  All the more reason that I am happy to see them swelling the ranks of my collection today.

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