Saturday 23 July 2011

Timpo Time#10 'Messing about on the water'

What on earth could these two heavily moustachioed gentlemen be up to? Well clearly anything is possible in the Timpo universe, but in this case they are travelling down stream in a hastily created raft of planks and barrels.

Perhaps they were trying to evade capture from these chaps or even ...
the mighty Timpo four man war canoe.  Of course not everyone was in fear of the Indian, some managed to coexist peacefully, even trade with them provided of course you wore the obligatory racoon headwear.

Mind you not everyone was lucky enough to have a canoe and these gentlemen have had to resort to an alternative mode of transport - the log!  Nearly all the Timpo waterborne transport came with a metal keel that enabled the craft to sit well in the water without rolling over.


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