Friday 15 July 2011

'Dragoons' Ten!'

Now I must apologise for that dreadful pun in the title but it just got stuck, rattling around the old grey matter and simply refused to be dislodged!     It does also seem quite incredulous that there are in fact only eight Dragoons on show and not the ten that you may well have being expecting from the title's opening gambit, and once again I apologise.  However I hope you do like the following photographs.  I have been blessed with a little bit of spare time this summer and what better way to spend it than experimenting with the various camera settings; or at least that is the excuse that I tried to convince the wonderful Mrs. Awdry was the reason why our dining room table resembled a battlefield!

Still it did give me a wonderful opportunity to showcase the freshly painted Dragoons and  play around with soft toy stuffing, which you can pick up relatively cheaply and most  haberdashery emporiums.
The charge is sounded, "Tally Ho!"
Enemy Artillery soon finds the range.
A final charge for the guns.
The retreat is sounded.


  1. They really are rather nice looking. Great work.

  2. These are beautiful. Great painting and the poses are very dynamic. Also like the composition of the pictures.

  3. Your figures are very impressive love the crisp clean painting real skill

  4. Gentlemen, thank you all for your very kind words of encouragement; Mrs Awdry has just about forgiven me for the disruption but it was worth it!


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