Monday 20 May 2024

The Doctor will see you now

A very quick post today, just to show off another completed miniature for my Start Wars: Legion collection.  The 21-B Medical Droid is a useful support for any Rebel Team as it can remove wounds from injured troops.  

In an attempt to make a metallic colour I tried to mix silver with the base colour and certainly got close to what I was aiming for.  Not sure I nailed the translucent middle section though?  I seem to remember that the action figure that I had as a small boy looked great, but just wouldn't stand up very well due to there not being any feet, as such.  Not a problem here as I have stuck him firmly to a MDF base! 

Saturday 11 May 2024


 I have mentioned before how The Empire Strikes Back had me transfixed from its opening scene as the adventures from a galaxy far, far away unfolded for a second instalment.  We had had to wait three years for the second film and were eager to drink in all the details and atmosphere of this beloved franchise.  

Within minutes we were transported to the frozen planet of Hoth, a stark contrast to the twin suns of Tatooine, but nonetheless are intrepid hero, Luke Skywalker was been attacked and knocked cold from his Tauntaun!  Of course blink and you miss it, the roaring maw, a clawed arm swiping across the screen, the action unfolded so quickly, I remember being terrified and bemused in equal measure.  What was that?   Without the power of the infoweb at our disposal it took a while to learn of the Wampa, a native species to the frozen wastelands, even longer to hear of the deleted scenes that coloured its legend.  That aside the creature had become a firm favourite and so I am delighted to finally have a miniature version for my Star Wars: Legion collection. 

My Wampa was a gift in the form of 3D print from my good friend the 'Dark Templar'.  This is something that I am keen to try for myself, but so far have only managed to amass lots of files rather than the actual equipment required to magically turn them into physical items.  It would appear that I can horde just about anything!  

Ultimately this was a quick win from the painting point of view.  Essentially it was primed in grey then some initial coats of white built up before picking out the final details with a brush.  The basing followed the same colour scheme as my 'Rebel Veterans' to help tie everything together.  

Once completed, I used my now 'go to' technique for snow which is the AK Terrains Snow Acrylic lightly dusted with the AK Snow Microballoons.  The final flourish was some gore to represent his last meal. 

Saturday 4 May 2024

Wookie Warriors

I wasn't planning a themed month, but I have unearthed some more photographs that have yet to be shared and with today being the 4th May, it just seemed the thing to do.  Chewbacca, Han Solo's co-pilot and long time companion, was always a firm favourite of mine growing up.  It didn't seem to matter that his growls, roars and barks were incomprehensible, we just instinctively knew exactly what he was trying to say.  A gentle giant around those he trusted, we were frequently reminded of a Wookie's propensity for violence,

 "That's 'cause droids don't pull people's arms out of their socket when they lose. Wookiees are known to do that."

 Armed with his trusty bowcaster, this is a classic Chewbacca pose and a much needed character addition for my Star Wars: Legion forces.  I painted the weapon in a flat blue/black colour as a nod to the action figures that I so adored collecting.  Having tinkered around with a suitable colour palette for the fur, I decided to apply a similar treatment to the additional Wookie Warriors that were waiting patiently for their turn under the brush.  Not as happy with these results, but a relief to get them ready for the table. 

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