Monday 25 July 2011

Empress New Zealand Wars, British

Having finally got the bygone world that was Timpo Toys out of my system it is well and truly time to get back on track, this time Empresses new range for the New Zealand War of 1845.  I had actually picked up a couple of packs of Maori warriors at 'Salute 2011' but have bottled starting them just at the moment; all those full facial tattoos proving to be far too daunting.  Instead I ordered up some of the British counterparts and have been very pleased with them.  Good, dynamic poses and faces full of character have become the trademark of the talented Mr. Hicks, the sculptor responsible for this series.  

These gentlemen have been painted to represent the 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment who arrived in the country from Australia on the 22nd April 1845.

This set also marked a 'coming of age' with regards to the basing of my miniatures.  As you will see from previous posts I had been seduced by the large lipped bases and managed to find different variants for all occasions (cavalry, command etc.)  that said I was becoming only too aware that I was ultimately restricting myself when it came to games so I have finally bought some 25mm washers from 'Products for Wargamers' as depicted above.


  1. They look excellent! But you're not helping my "no new projects" resolution!

  2. Nice work, they are good figures fom Paul Hicks.

  3. Very nice work, It's a period I sadly know little about, to my shame.

  4. Thank you al,l but must now work up the confidence to start the Maoris!


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