Sunday 24 July 2011

Timpo Time#12 'The Crusades'

So this is it; finally we come to the end of this terribly self indulgent trip down memory lane.  I thank you for all for your patience and the comments along the way, it is clear to me that these brightly coloured pieces of plastic still have a place in all our hearts, even today.  Something about the range still strikes me as being wonderfully politically incorrect; the company seemed intrinsically understand exactly what its we   wanted and delivered accordingly.  

The final post of the collection has to be the Timpo Crusader Knights, refreshingly simple but sadly with no obvious rival combatants.  That said, with a little imagination, the Timpo 'Desert Fighters' could represent Saladin's Saracens; just remove their muskets and replace with scimitars.  This range also contains one of the most unusual model toys; look at the chap in green, he is actually holding a large boulder - genius!

And there we have it, all destined for another spell in the loft but I'm sure they will resurface from time to time.  There were so many other models that I missed out on; I would love to have had some of the 'Great Helm' knights and I have vague memories of a two man submarine from the WWII range, sadly they will have to remain memories as the chances of getting any more Timpo past the good lady wife are slim to no existent.  Now I must find out where I left my paintbrush and get back to work!


  1. There they are!!!!! I used to have 100´s of them...all but a couple now remain in my possession..the rest buried in the backgarden of my childhood, along with several hundred Airfix and britians guys, buried in the service of their Imaginary "country" defending the extensive trenchworks of the flowerbed battlefields of long ago and long forgotton wars.
    Great set of posts mate..thanks for the memories!! :-D

  2. Brilliant stuff all round! I remember a couple of Crusaders in particular, one had an arrow in his side, but my favourite had a ball and chain! :D

  3. Love these Michael really takes me back!
    Best wishes

  4. Thanks Willie, certainly my favourites.

  5. Britain's Deetail Turks/Saracen figures would be suitable foes?

    Timpo figures are of course highly collectable today; especially some of the knight.

    1. Thank you Sir, I shall have to look out for some of those.


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