Dinosaurs Attack!

'Dinosaurs Attack!' is a trading card series by Topps, released in 1988, and containing 55 cards and 11 stickers.  From the offset it needs to made clear that these cards contain images of graphic, comic violence and gore akin to the 1960s 'Mars Attacks!' cards and even the 'Civil War News' collection.  While 'Mars Attacks!' was a parody of alien invasion movies, 'Dinosaurs Attack!' was supposedly inspired by monster movies such as The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and Godzilla. 

The story, such as it is, tells of dinosaurs transported through time as a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong.  The imagery is very much of its time, intended to be shocking, but now looking decidedly dated.  

The following images, arranged sequentially, if read from left to right, are scans of my own collection but all logos, trademarks and copyright remain the property of the Topps Co. 

Clicking on an image make it even bigger! 


  1. Some fantastic looking cards here sir. Very imaginative and appeal to my nostalgia reading various comics as kid.

  2. Agree with Simon...fantastic looking pics, original and funny...no Eiffel tower?
    Great post Michael...

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