Thursday 28 April 2011

Mutineer Miniatures' Sepoys

These 'delightful' chaps have been sitting in the painting queue for far too long and it wasn't until I actually saw them in the flesh on the Mutineer Miniatures' stand at 'Salute' that I decided to give them a go.

I'm now wishing that I hadn't waited so long as they were a delight to paint and really came up well.  I decided not to emblazon their regimental number on the white covered Kilmarnock cap choosing instead to  use a single colour, in this case yellow, to indicate regiment.  Ultimately this gives me a little more time to decide where my force came from.  The yellow facings here could represent a number of Bengal Native Infantry regiments as follows:

1st - Mutinied at Cawpaore
2nd - Disarmed or disbanded at Barrackpore
3rd - Mutinied at Phillour and Loodinah
4th - Disarmed or disbanded at Nurpur and Hoshiarpore
8th - Mutinied at Dinapore
18th - Mutinied at Bareilly
21st - Mutinied at Peshawar
36th - Mutinied at Jullundur
37th - Partially mutinied at Benares
41st - Mutinied at Sitapore and Mullaon
42nd - Partially mutinied at Saugor
47th - Disarmed or disbanded  at Mirzapore
48th - Partially mutinied at Lucknow
53rd - Mutinied at Cawnpore
54th - Mutinied at Delhi
61st - Mutinied at Jullundur
62nd - Disarmed or disbanded at Multan
63rd - Disarmed or disbanded at Berhampore
64th - Disarmed or disbanded at Fort Mackeson and Peshawar
65th - Disarmed or disbanded at Ghazepore
67th - Mutinied and disbanded at both Agra and Mutera
68th - Mutinied at Bareilly
70th - Disarmed or disbanded at Barrackpore
72nd - Mutinied at Neemuch
73rd - Mutinied and disbanded at both Jalpaigori and Dacca
74th - Mutinied at Delhi

They have been sculpted wearing dhoti, which was the ordinary civilian loincloth, the trousers often been the first item of European uniform to be discarded.

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