Tuesday 19 April 2011

Bamboo Grove- revisited

Not that I’m becoming obsessive about this most mysterious of plant but I couldn’t resist this variation on a theme.  Whilst looking at the 'cute and fluffy creatures' and picking up the plastic aquatic plants for the previous attempt I spotted this small ‘Buddha’ head a snip at £2.50 and been dying to use it somehow.  When I saw 6milPhil’s brilliant  'roller-coaster' terrain feature using cork tiles I just had to give it a go.

6milPhil also had a great call when he sourced his aquatic plants from ‘Products for Wargamers’. I saw them a 'Salute 2011' and thought now there is a good idea.  Just checked them out online and they are certainly a much more favourable price and a better pattern for the leaves than 'Pets at Home'.

Apart from the little ‘Buddha’ head and ancient stonework the build was exactly the same apart from a bit of old electrical cable used to give a bit of variety for the jungle creepers.

New secret ingredient

before base coat

with initial terrain

Now, as the noise of the patrol starts to recede into the distance and the jungle starts to come back to life, provided we are very, very quite we might just get a glimpse of.....

And there he is; Ailuropoda melanoleuca - the Giant Panda

One for the good Mrs. Awdry

6MilPhil has just gone and raised the bar again, take the time to visit his variation at: 'I can't believe it's not buddha'

He has also done a fantastic 'how to' on jungle vines entitled: 'on the spot vine' please go and visit.


  1. Looking good and obviously great minds think alike as I found a little something at Pets at Home too. You beat me to getting it finished though.
    PfW are interesting aren't they? I did a pre-show order at Salute for them and picked up a few other bits. Probably the best value for money there given I spent a tenner and took a carrier bag full away.

  2. Thanks Phil, that 'Pets at Home' is costing me a fortune, especially as the good Mrs. Awdry has her eyes on a guinea pig! PfW are definitely the way to go in the future although did you you see the artificial coral, great for off-world scenics.

  3. Excellent photos and a great way of showing gamers out there on how to build something out of abit of imagination,looks the biz Mike.

  4. My similar piece is almost finished, although I've used embroidery thread and superglue for the vines... in fact I think I might go and do a bit more so I can take photos of it step-by-step.

    Didn't see the coral not sure I could cope with more than one planet tbh. ;-)

  5. Phil, can't wait to see the results sounds great.

  6. Finally posted my Buddha head scenic @ http://6milphil.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/i-cant-believe-its-not-buddha/


  7. Just seen it, brilliant! Putting a link to it in the main body of this post.

  8. Thanks, now we can trap the unwary in an endless loop of bamboo.


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