Thursday, 17 March 2011

Empress Miniatures Artillery

Empress British 7pdr

My first real construction project and a little daunting due to a lack of any real reference material.  Being a bit of a novice to such things I hadn't realised that there was a standard  colour for artillery pieces (apparently a light grey for the British)  fortunately those good people at the Wargames Foundry actually do a British Gun Grey palette!

A useful piece of reference if not totally in line with the sculpting on the figures.   

For some reason I felt the need to actually drill the barrel to give it more depth!  It just seemed to make sense to me.  

Two guns and seventy men of N Battery, 5th Brigade, Royal Artillery fought at Isandlwana the guns themselves captured.

7pdr battery, Zululand 1879

Empress 7pdr & crew

Empress Battery Commander, Major Stuart Smith


  1. brillent little diorama base, it did not take you long to produce some stunning figures
    Peace James

  2. I feel I may have misled you a little! Because I am so new to the hobby (and work particularly slowly!) I have been able to chart my progress from the beginning, as it were. The Blog took on a very retrospective to begin with but is now up to date. Some new pieces been added shortly.

    All the best,



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