Thursday 1 September 2011

Harpe & Sharper - Alban Miniatures

Now in keeping with my faddish habit of seeking out miniatures that in some way relate to the most recent book  that I'm reading, it was clear that I needed to find some Riflemen of the legendary 95th.  In turn, because it was the recent purchase of the 'Sharpe'  DVD box set that had led me to Mark Urban's riveting read, it only seemed fitting that perhaps I could see if I could  track down an actual Sharpe miniature. (Die hard Napoleonic fans belay those groans!)  With the power of the infoweb at my fingers it wasn't long before I came across 'Alban Miniatures' a company based in Hertfordshire specialising in 28mm Napoleonic figures.  The company's website displayed the proud boast that they were "Supplying superb quality, historically accurate, proportionally scaled cast metal" figures and I noticed that they had a character group entitled 'Harpe & Sharper', clearly a euphemism for the aforementioned hero of the Bernard Cromwell novels.  I say euphemism but of course it way well be purely coincidence that the officer is carrying a mighty big sword and the sergeant is armed with a seven barrelled Nock gun! Curiosity well and truly peaked I ordered up a pack (and several other packs if the truth be known, more of which later) and before long they were safely landed on the doormat of 'Awdry Towers' .
Required a little construction.
On arrival I could see exactly what they mean by "proportionally scaled", the figures being somewhat more slender than I'm used to.  This is not a criticism as the overall impression was one of elegance and they were indeed well cast and beautifully sculpted by the clearly talented Mr. Richard Ansell; that said I was obviously going to need a smaller brush!

I have to admit that they were a delight to work with, there been plenty of detail to pick out, but I did take a few liberties with colour palettes opting for the age old catch all, 'campaign style'.  I would certainly recommend the company and figures to anyone, their communication and service been f the highest order, the dilemma, of course, is do I stick with my Victorian era or through everything in and start a Napoleonic collection?

A quick comparison shot showing an Empress Miniatures British Officer from their New Zealand Wars range and an Alban Miniatures 'Sharper'.   When looking at height and body there is very little in it but when you come to the faces the evidence of the"proportionally scaled" figures becomes most evident.


  1. Great paintjob for a lovely figure. I have to keep reminding myself that I dont really need them but I want them.

  2. I liked the books but that shaun bean .....not my cup of tea...
    Nice looking figs..
    The pegasus animals...1/72nd...the chickens are bloody miniscule!! :-D

  3. I'm with PanzerKaput, want them but don't really need them. Oh , ok, I need them!!

  4. Nice looking figures, and a great paintjob.

  5. Great painting, you want them, you need them, you love them, I can here a wallet being emptied very soon!!!

  6. I didn't need them either, just far too weak! Glad though as thoroughly enjoyed working on them.

  7. Hi Michael,
    At we thought these were very well painted. We have given your pics some more air time on the Alban Miniatures Facebook. Nice work.
    Alban Miniatures

    1. That's incredibly kind of you, thank you very much indeed.

  8. Realy nice work, I would like a quality Sharpe and Harper set but I'm a stickler for trying to get minis that match my others of the 'Perry' proportions, so will have to give them a miss


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