Wednesday 31 August 2011

A Beer and a Bag

These days alarm bells would be ringing if you were to witness  two men pass a small grip seal bag, discreetly across the table of a busy public house.  However in the this case the two men were myself and a good friend, often referred to as the 'Provost Marshal' at a particular Gentleman's Forum, and the contents of the 'baggy' in question were as bizarre a collection of lead as could possibly be imagined!

The Provost Marshal has been a hugely supportive ally as I took my tentative first steps into the world of war-games and miniature painting.  It was he, for instance, that very kindly donated the 'charge of the light brigade' miniatures and is always on hand with box loads of appropriate reference material or the benefit of his encyclopedic knowledge.  That said he is constantly trying to persuade me to broaden my oeuvre to encompass the vast and often colourful world of the Napoleonic era but in this instance it was an altogether more bizarre direction that lay in wait!

It's fair to say that The Provost Marshal has a mischievous nature and likes to throw down a challenge once in a while and so it was, when we were supposed to be celebrating his birthday, that I found myself pondering what on earth to do with the contents of this package.

So then, over to you can anyone envisage a scenario in which all these would be present?  Unlikely I grant you but I'm sure someone out there will think of something amusing!  Moreover can anyone identify the 'mad, running, Japanese lady' and she has been dubbed.  She is a 28mm scale figure but I'm struggling to find any reference for her.

Looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions.


  1. Would love to help Michael BUT, I have no idea!

  2. Sorry I can't offer any help either, although that truly is an odd selection of figures!

  3. a Japanese lady is minding her own business walking through the forest..... Out jumped a spider...

  4. Damsel in distress? place her on a high precarious object, maybe a couple stacked chairs on a table,with the awaiting beasties below, an alliance of convenience, waiting for their meal.

    maybe she's ringed by just 3: spider, gator & triceratops.. & the tri-tops is threatening away a newcomer: his old enemy Rex... has Rex come to steal their prize, or rescue her?

  5. Along came a spider could be the way to go although Mr Ferret I'm clearly impressed by your imaginative response. I've just realised that you are absolute spot on with 'gator', I was planning to use him as a crocodile in an African scene - blast!


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