Monday 12 September 2011

Chinese Tigermen; They're Grrreat!

Sorry, couldn't resist the obvious link to a childhood favourite, 'Frosties' and the the irrepressible 'Tony the Tiger'.  Once again the Awdry inability to remain focused on one project for any length of time has seen me paint up the first half of this unit of Chinese Tigermen from the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.  I've managed to to find a little painting reference but haven't done anywhere near the required amount of background reading, which is why the shields have remained blank for the moment.

The figures are from Redoubt Enterprises and were another 'Salute 2011' purchase that I've only just got around to painting.  They are reassuringly 'chunky', especially compared to the 'Alban Miniatures' that I recently posted, but really good fun to paint as a result; not to mention easier to see.
Really scary!
Traditionally the Tigermen would act as skirmishers hoping to ape the ferocity of the creature whose costume they wear.  It is also said that the costume would frighten enemy cavalry but I can find no reference as to how effective they were in this role.


  1. they look really cool i like a lot nice paint job to

  2. They look ggggggreeeattt.

    Truly nice paintjobs and a little history to boot!

  3. They're nice figures and that's well painted tiger skin.

  4. The tiger skins are indeed well done.

    What are the chances they would all wear the same PJs out?


  5. Brilliant painting Michael. Very impressed with the Tiger skin.

  6. They are really good, how did you paint such great looking tiger skins!

  7. Thanks chaps, as always I appreciate the encouragement.

    @Furt:They really do look a little silly, but I'm sure they were a handful at the time!

    @Smillie: Thank you good Sir, more by luck than judgement. I've got a couple more to paint up so I'll take some photos as I go along and post a little tutorial.

  8. Cute, but undoubtedly ferocious. Can't tell whether to run or cuddle. Brilliantly painted, though.

    Loving the blog. Follow'd:


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