Saturday 4 June 2011

A Green Hill Far Away

On a recent shopping trip, mentioned in a previous post I was suddenly hit with the desire to pick up some gaming scenery at the local 'Games Workshop' store. The very helpful chap, and he was a helpful chap they are so often wrongfully maligned, informed me that this was indeed something that he could help me with but sadly they were out of stock! This was to become a somewhat fortuitous turn of events as having declined the very kind offer to wait until the delivery arrived I decided that I would give the build a go myself. 

A quick detour on the way home to ‘Wicks’ to pick up some insulating foam board for £5 (‘Space Board’ – 1200mm x 500mm x 52.5mm) I could have got this cheaper if I bought in bulk but the look on the good Mrs. Awdry’s face said, “Don’t even think about it!”  and I was ready to go. I had a basic design sketched out and wanted to create some simple terrain that could form a backdrop to future gaming requirements. In the end I went for a much larger design from two pieces but built in the option to link them together again. All in all I was pretty pleased with the results and by my reckoning saved myself £25!  

1.   Insulating foam board provides the basis for the build. (Still huge amounts left over, but we are not letting Mrs. Awdry know!)


Initial shape cut with a jigsaw and placed on plastcard
Off cuts & straight edges removed with the Dremel
Sand & stones added with filler for the gaps

Base coated with chocolate brown

Drybrushing for the sides

Flock & tufts added

Two for the price of one!

Just to give a sense of scale.


  1. Excellent result!

    By the looks of it you've got plenty left in reserve for further builds.

    Mrs. Rosbif is also not as understanding of my terrain builds either :-(

  2. Great step by step with excellent hills as result. Mrs. Awdry is probably very proud living with such talent

  3. Many thanks Chaps, by my calculations there should be enough for another five sets of hills, but that could mean I end up been banished to them too!

  4. It´s great stuff eh?? :-D Ive found that just hacking lumps off with a bread knife to get a basic form, then giving the sides a bit of a scratching with a screwdriver makes it look like a rocky surface. Nice article

  5. Really like these - want to do something similar myself.


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