Saturday 11 June 2011

Book Review#1. - Britain's Forgotten Wars

Colonial Campaigns of the 19th Century by Ian Hernon

"The purpose of this book is not to ape, much less rival, the far more erudite and scholarly volumes published about the military adventures which helped to create and sustain the British Empire.  Rather it is to tell, I hope in the straightforward tone of a reporter, some of the astonishing stories largely forgotten outside academic, specialist and military circles."

Now technically this is actually three volumes republished as one including 'Massacre and Retribution', 'The Savage Empire' and 'Blood in the Sand' and does exactly what the quote from the acknowledgment above says.  I would suggest more of a book for dipping into from time to time or as a starting point for a larger project, that said an invaluable source book to have beside the bed.  Easy to read but ultimately leaves you wanting more; certainly worthy of a three crown rating.

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