Tuesday 14 June 2011

Book Review#2. - Emperor, The Gates of Rome

Finally I got around to reading Conn Iggulden's first book in the Emperor series; why did I wait so long?

Loved it, wonderfully unashamed, sweeping historical drama for big boys!  I’m sure scholars or the period might have something to say about the historical accuracy of the piece but in this case, who cares.  Provided you approach this as light-hearted entertainment then you will not be disappointed. 

"From the spectacle of gladiatorial combat to the intrigue of the Senate, from the foreign wars that created an empire to the betrayals that almost tore it apart, the Emperor novels tell the remarkable story of the man who would become the greatest Roman of the all: Julius Caesar."

Following Caesar as a young boy to his first, tentative steps into the Forum was absorbing and great fun, coloured as it was with such wonderful characters as Renius, the aging gladiator who is charged with his education in all things martial.  I have absolutely no doubt that the remaining books in the series will have to be purchased at some point, possibly for summer reading.  Definitely worth a look if you like intrigue, violence and a good old fashioned rip roaring story – four crowns!

Not to mention the inspiration for the this little piece!  


  1. I've had this book for about a year and for some reason keep bypassing it, I've just finished a book SS-GB, so I may well dig it out, thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Read the series and love 'em! I try to alternate between novels and non-fiction; reading Flashman's third book at the moment 'Royal Flash' great stuff!

  3. Will borrow it off Ray, nice figure.

  4. You should give it a go Ray, SS-GB looks good though just done a quick google definitely one for the reading list.

    Thanks for the tip on Flashman books Monty, been meaning to give them a go for some time.

    Thanks Mr Lurker, you could always check Ray's dustbin periodically!


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