Tuesday 7 June 2011

We are not amused

I've recently been mulling over the direction for 28mm Victorian Warfare, primarily it is a painting blog that has given me the opportunity to keep all my thoughts and research in one place whilst documenting the fledging development of my hobby.  The addition of the growing community that ultimately comes with such enterprises has been a welcomed factor and I have relished the opportunities to visit and even follow other blogs and sites.  It is whilst doing this that I often come across great ideas and one that I would particularly like to embrace is that of book or film reviews.  It is not my intention to write reams but I had envisaged some form of rating system.  Stars would be the obvious way to go but felt that I could come up with something a little more bespoke!  After far too long tinkering on the computer I have developed the 'five crown award system', a visual representation of one's reaction to whatever media one was engaged in, ranging from 'We are not amused' to 'Tickled pink'.  Just need to get on and read something now!



  1. Many thanks, your star rating system was one of those that inspired the above so many thanks.


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