Monday 20 May 2024

The Doctor will see you now

A very quick post today, just to show off another completed miniature for my Start Wars: Legion collection.  The 21-B Medical Droid is a useful support for any Rebel Team as it can remove wounds from injured troops.  

In an attempt to make a metallic colour I tried to mix silver with the base colour and certainly got close to what I was aiming for.  Not sure I nailed the translucent middle section though?  I seem to remember that the action figure that I had as a small boy looked great, but just wouldn't stand up very well due to there not being any feet, as such.  Not a problem here as I have stuck him firmly to a MDF base! 


  1. Lovely little figure Michael 👍

  2. Excellent work Michael, I remember that problem with the action figure, and agree that trying to make the mid section look clear is an absolute pain ! LOL Would have been much easier if they had cast the whole model translucent, then we would only have to paint round it ! LOL


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