Saturday 1 February 2014

Paint Table Saturday#13

Just sneaking under the wire to post the latest progress from the paint table.  Those regular followers will be scratching your heads wondering what exactly has changed from last week?  The simple answer, is of course, very little.  Four new Matabele warriors have been prepared and joined the ranks of the already assembled.  A little progress has been made on the front rank of one tray, but but I'm afraid the nothing like the amount I had hoped for.

A busy week ahead means that we might see very little change again a week from now!  


  1. I love the shields you've managed thus far. Those Zulus will be quite stellar when done.

  2. Thanks for participating Michael! I added your link in my post. Great paint job on those mini's!
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. It looks quite excellent !
    I'm waiting to see them finished: promising work !

  4. A little progress is far, far better than none my friend

    And I agree, those shields look awesome! Just like the ones on Zulu Dawn and Zulu which I watched for the anniversary of the battles late last month :-)

  5. I wonder how many of us will be using that staircase in the Last Stand round? I know I was going to...

  6. I must say old chap that the native, front rank 2nd from right is a dam fine example of one of those natives you speak of. Excellant old bean.

  7. Very nice! Great glimpse of your well organized painting area too!

    1. Well organised? You just can't see what chaos lurks six inches either side of this (and I'm not talking about the dinosaurs). Tee hee.

      Pip pip

  8. The natives are looking good. And Progress is progress every step forward is worthwhile no mater how small we think it is.

  9. The Matabele are coming along nicely.


  10. Steady progress is being made. They are looking good.

  11. They are looking very good there and I especially like the rich skintones

  12. Very promising WIP shot.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.


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