Sunday 13 January 2013

An Unexpected Journey

A belated 'Happy New Year' to one and all!  I appreciate that we are all but half way through the month, but things have not gone quite according to plan here at 'Awdry Towers' and as a result we are somewhat a tad behind schedule.

Christmas came and went and it was wonderful to spend this most reflective of holidays catching up with family and friends.  I was once again spoilt rotten but the family decided to avoid further additions to the lead pile, but instead other distractions were found for yours truly one such being the marvellous, 'Lego, Lord of the Rings' game for the Wii.  Now, I have no qualms about admitting my apparent addiction to these childish adventure games as they are quite charming, but alas quite absorbing.  So absorbing that the week after Christmas, that I had tentatively planned to crack on with the painting challenge, duly disappeared as I hacked my way across Middle Earth!  

With the return to work, I am glad to report that I have also returned to the painting table and hope to have evidence of my endeavours for you before too long.  In the interim I took advantage of the 'North Star Military Figures' January sale and picked up a couple of half priced sets of rules ('Bog-a-ten' and 'Death  in a Dark Continent') and a mystery bag of miniatures - more on those at a later date.  

Finally it may not have escaped some that my presence, in the form of comments left on posts, has somewhat diminished of late.  I hope this to be a temporary aberration as I try to get back on track with the painting, but rest assured I am still spending time lurking around the many blogs that I so enjoy following.  


  1. Welcome back Michael!
    I know what you mean about absorbing video games! ;-)
    I rather hope that Lego LOTR game comes out soon for the PC, my son will love it!

    1. Yippee, they have released the PC version..., and its two player too. That's two kids occupied for the price of one game ;-) Little Miss can join Big Brother in Middle-Earth :-)

  2. Hi Michael and since when are computer games childish, oh my wife has just enlighten me as to when, lol. I can understand the attraction of them, as I love playing them when I have the time. I hope you enjoyed the little trip to Lego Earth

  3. He He I love Lego games as well. I have played a few on my DS and sometimes loose a few weeks here and there as well.

  4. Awesome! Welcome back Michael. All those Lego games are great (the Legos are pretty cool too.) :-)

  5. Welcome back Sir! I've not played any of the Lego series but have heard they're quite good and extremely addictive!!!

  6. There are things far more important than commenting Michael. Enjoy life and your game!

  7. Welcome back Sir!
    Enjoy life and your game.

  8. Glad you have been off enjoying yourself! A change does you good , ready to come back renewed!

  9. Good to have you back Michael! Nothing wrong with enjoying some computer games. I do too!!

  10. Happy New Year and welcome back, Michael. I know how you mean about Lego - my kids love Lego "Heroica", and the time just flies away playing that!

  11. Hi, Michael! As the good Dr. says, "A pun a day by Awdr(a)y adds fuel to the modeler's brush-painting-zeal in everyway!"

  12. Nothing wrong with a little distraction now and then Michael.
    Welcome back,

  13. Computer games are the bane of many a hobby and chore alike. Warcraft is still distracting me seven years after I bought it, to my wife's chagrin!

  14. Computer games... An allurement for so many brave hobbyists...

    Nice to have you back here Michael!
    I started missing your excellent miniatures already.



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