Monday 10 December 2012

Book Review#15. - Night of the Living Trekkies

I think we need to make clear from the start is that this is a silly book!  A ridiculous story, ludicrous characters and genre-splicing on an industrial level, but provided that you approach it with suitably shallow expectations then this most unholy of unions delivers at just about every level and I, for one, loved it! 

Our hero, Jim, is a former American serviceman; struggling to come to terms with the pressures of responsibility that he faced during two tours of Afghanistan. Now he languishes in a small conference hotel in Houston, hoping to never have to make another decision that endangers the life of an innocent.
What could possibly go wrong?  The Hotel reception was starting to fill with ‘Trekkies’ in homemade  uniforms preparing  for a science-fiction convention, but then Klingon, Vulcan and Ferengi start falling foul of an indiscriminate alien virus, transforming its victims into the living dead.

Jim now has to lead the ultimate ‘away team’ out of danger, before the blood lusting hordes totally overwhelm the hotel.  Punctuated throughout with references to the television series and wonderfully corny one-liners, there is a lot to treasure in this little gem.   This is a fabulously, entertaining piece of pulp and one that most definitely should not to be taken too seriously.  Any book that uses episodes of Star Trek as chapter titles certainly deserves three crowns.  
“Live long and aim for the head!”


  1. Sounds wonderfully nonsensical! ;-)

  2. "Live long and aim for the head"-now that's a good one!

  3. Looks great, even down to the retro-pulp style cover! I've been indulging in zombie-lit recently, so I might have to seek this one out.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. Looks and sounds a lot of fun! I'll look out for this!

  5. Sounds like a good one for sure. Right up there with Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb a murder mystery which also takes place at a science fiction convention

  6. I'm not a Zed person, but you sure know how to get me to take a quick glance in that direction.

  7. Never been a trekkie, but I love zombie stories... :-)


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