Thursday 24 November 2011

Tommy's Tailor

Now that the distraction of the 'swamp' is out of the way I have found a little time to do some more on 'Tommy' here.  As I have mentioned before this has been a complete departure for me and one that I still  have mixed feelings about.  That said I was so buoyed by the very positive and encouraging comments from so many that I am committed to seeing the project through. 

As you can see 'Tommy' has started to get himself dressed thanks mainly to the 'Smillie' passing on his secret formula for painting First World War miniatures.  This certainly took some of the uncertainty out of the process and Mr. Smillie, next time you find yourself anywhere near the Sunshine Coast then there is a beer waiting here with your name on it.  Just as a very brief aside if you haven't visited Smillie's 'Painting Diary' then I thoroughly recommend a visit, you will not be disappointed.

'Tommy' has had some issues with stability of late, he keeps falling off his base, hence the paint job stops at his trousers.  Next job, therefore is to try and fix him a little more securely, finish off the painting and come up with something original for the base!


  1. Looking good. Did you pin him down?

  2. Splendit Figure, paintjob well done

  3. That is a great paintjob my friend.

  4. My thanks to you all.

    @Brummie, I was trying to be clever and just use the plastic lug that attached him to the sprue. I guess pinning is the only real way to secure him now.

  5. I must admit I am a little perplexed by this figure.
    Whilst the paint work you have done is excellent, and clearly requires more blending and such than a 'regular' 28mm figure, there is something about the pose of the figure I just dont like.

    I can only sum it up as it looks a bit 'gay'.

    The back leg looks too high, and the pistol arm too flung back...

    I thought it was just me, but a female colleague at work thought the same when I showed it to her...

    But dont let me put you off finishing this. As I said the painting is superb!

  6. Thanks Scott, your post did make me chuckle! I can see what you mean but having invested so much time in 'Tommy' (certainly more than I planned!) I've become slightly protective of him. I like to feel, of the pistol arm, that he is waving on his beleaguered troops as they storm the German lines. Mind you it could just be my photography. All the very best, Michael.

  7. The paint work is coming along rather well michael, look forward to seeing this finished.

  8. Damned fine painting!!!!

  9. Now THAT is amazing. Really nice work sir


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