Sunday 23 October 2011

Zombies beware!

Finally made it through to a mini break and so time to recharge the old batteries and do a bit of catching up in regard to painting and posting.  This offering comes as a direct result of my obsession to seek out 28mm miniatures that tie in to the latest bedside read, which at present happens to be 'The Zombie Survival Guide' by Max Brooks so it only seemed right and proper to have some form of fearsome survivor.  

This is my first figure from 'Hasslefree Miniatures', although I've used them in the past for all manner of accessories and can't rate them highly enough for quality of service.  Found lurking in their adventurer range and given the handle of 'Ray' this superbly sculpted miniature clearly owes something to wonderful 'Shaun of the Dead'.  Great fun to do and  I have to admit to that I'm finding the genre increasingly difficult to resist.

Shaun: If you get cornered... bash 'em in the head, that seems to work. Ow! 


  1. Good to see you pick up the brush again. Not really my period but this looks a great sculpt with some excellent painting on it.Like the red tie, goes nicely with the stains on the bat.

  2. Very nice paintjob there! Get some more done you know you want to

  3. Great figure and great film. Lovely paintjob and I bet you'll be happy to know the Walking Dead is back.

  4. Very nice! Very grim serious look he's got to him

  5. Great figure, and great painting


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