Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Sadly not much in the way of figure painting has been achieved in the last couple of days due, in no small way, to the village's annual 'pub pumpkin carving' competition.  This competition set up by our local hostelry has only been running for a couple of years and having scooped first prize last year felt it was only right and proper to try and defend my crown!  

You only have to punch in 'Pumpkin Carving' into a google image search to be simply amazed at the imagination and skill of some pepole but let me tell you it is a lot harder than it looks. ( Not to mention considerably more time comsuming than painting a 28mm figure!)  Well here are my efforts for this year; and the result ...

second place!  A couple of pounds richer and a bag of jelly sweet fangs; not a bad result and if it helps to keep the local in business then I'm glad to do my bit.


  1. Wow there are good, I wish my local would be something like that. Mind you, you can get a mean curry from there :)

  2. Cheers my good man, looking forward to next year to get my revenge!


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