Wednesday 26 October 2011

Book Review#6. - The Zombie Survival Guide

Complete Protection form the Living Dead

I was determined to enjoy this book by Max Brooks, probably because of the fantastic 'World War Z', but ultimately felt a little let down.  It didn't help reading this after its superior sequel, nor did it help having work throw everything at me at once and so it took an absolute age to finish; but still I was hopeful that it was going to be better than it was.

It is pure escapism and does pretty much list everything you need to know about surviving in a world populated by the undead, but that is part of the problem; the first half of the book is simply that - lists!  It is the second half of the book where Brooks' story telling skill comes to the fore.  Here we a treated, albeit in list form, to a chronological sequence of recorded attacks.  Each one could be a great premise for a separate tale and on more than one occasion found myself itching to go and check if what he was detailing was actually true!  So yes, when I finally put it down I was happy to have read it but my word did I make hard work of it.  That said it was a wonderful excuse to go and buy more figures, this time survivors, from 'Hasslefree Miniatures' and I feel safer in the knowledge that it will take approximately five years for an undead corpse to fully rot away!  I wanted to give this more but ultimately a slightly disappointing - three crowns.


  1. Combat grade machetes and high quality's an entertaining book.

  2. Like you I listened th World War Z before this.

    I need to get the book of this. I tried to listen to the audio version but the narrator just seem to drone on and made it hard work.. Thanks for the review.

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