Tuesday 4 October 2011


I've being putting off painting this splendid miniature from Empress for far too long.  I've seen so many stunning examples of these painted including this version by Keith  on the Gentlemens Wargames Parlour that I was desperate to do it justice, so struggling  as I am with 'man flu' I been quietly working on Private Henry Hook here for a couple of nights.
This 'Hollywood' version really is a great sculpt and was a joy to paint, a real treat from the skilled Mr. Hicks.  Now in the movie Private Hook, portrayed by James Booth,  is played as an insubordinate malingerer and only shows any degree of heroism during the heat of the battle. Nothing it would seem could be further from the truth; Private Hook had been awarded 'good conduct' pay shortly before the battle, and reports also suggest he was a teetotaler and model soldier. During the battle Hook was posted inside the hospital as part of a  guard detail assigned to protect the patients still there.
Work in progress shot but actually gives a better indication of the colours.  I will try and take some better photographs with natural light later in the week.


  1. Very nice work, Michael! I love the facial expression you've captured. The 5 o'clock shadow just caps it all off.

    P.S. You're not playing 'hookie' with your man-flu, too, are you? ;-)

  2. Very nice so far. Now what you mean about the light been taking some pics this morning and half of them are shocking.

    Looking forward to seeing him finished

  3. You've done it real justice Michael.


  4. Awesome Michael, really like this one.

  5. Brilliant figure, great 5 o'clock shadow on the face.

  6. Great looking paint job there sir, I have this figure painted up to look like a farmer for VBCW but seeing your work makes me want to buy the set again. Pray tell how did you get the facial hair shadow?

  7. Great figure and you really painted him very well. On the shopping list :-)

  8. That's a lovely job. Good work!

    I often find that the figures I keep putting off still end up O.K. despite a 'fear' of making a pig's ear of the paint job.

  9. See Hookie you are no good, even when they paint you up and you look better than you did in real life.

    Great paintjob there

  10. Thanks all; great comment Crazy Joe, often find myself curing the fact that I didn't just get on and paint it straight away!

    @Rosbif, no still struggling on manfully, cough, sniffle, cough!

  11. Great paint job on a very neat figure!

  12. Very nice painted figure! Hookie looks almost as a gentleman here :-)


  13. Cheers Willie and Peter, it was great fun to do; just the tonic for a bout of the deadly 'Man Flu'.

    @Smillie; the 5 o'clock shadow was a trick I picked up from a fellow gentlemen of the forum. Basically paint the face as normal the with a thinned down grey just apply a wash. The only difficulty is finding the balance between too thin and too thick. The grey in question was Vallejo 'London Grey'.

  14. Excellent ...I´ll try the trick with the 5 oclock shadow...might work in 20mm!! :-D
    I also read that hook was a teetotaller and a bit of a bible basher as well...and also that they were going to give the actor /booth9 the role as one of the officers (I forget which one)
    Historically incorrect film but still one of my all time favourites
    PS...it was such a good film they even used the Zulu chant for the german tribes at the beginning of the film Gladiator ;-D


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