Wednesday 27 July 2011

One for the Pot!

Purely as a piece of frippery, and of course as an excuse to get the Dodo birds onto the table, we have here a somewhat slightly alternative reality where a small detachment of British infantry stop off on the Island of Mauritius en route to Australia.  Whilst taking the opportunity to stretch their legs, and test the new fangled daguerreotype camera the shore patrol also looked to subsidise their meagre rations of hardtack, or ship's biscuits, by hunting for some fresh meat.

And so we have it, the last known photographic evidence of the now extinct Dodo, (Raphus Cuculatus) may he rest in peace.


  1. Nicely put together picture set, and nice painting on the models.

  2. Thanks Smillie, it was a bit of a giggle to do as well.

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