Tuesday 19 July 2011

My First Zombies!

So having recently finished reading 'World War Z' by Max Brooks I am continuing with the indulgence that is buying and painting miniatures that are in some way related to the text, so it this case it had to be Zombies!  As mentioned in a previous post, 'On the road again!', the figures are from 'Cold war Miniatures' and the urban style bases from 'Black Cat Bases'.  

Having assembled the bases I was suddenly faced with the realisation that I knew very little, in fact nothing at all, about the ways of the undead and most importantly what colour are they?! Fortunately the illustrious members of the Gentlemens Wargames Parlour came to my rescue.  Pete 'PanzerKaput' Barfield produced this sensational colour guide, beautifully illustrating the somewhat macabre discolouration our rotten rogues go through.  It is such a wonderful piece of tongue in cheek humour that I had to ask Pete to include in this post.  Pete's own website, 'PanzerKaput's Painted Review' is well worth a visit as not only does it have some fabulously painted miniatures but also his ongoing illustrations for the source books  for 'A Very British Civil War'.

So safely armed with the painting guide I was able to complete my first zombies and I have to admit it was great fun.  It was quite just to be able to paint individuals as opposed to uniformed troops, so who knows if this is the beginning of yet another distraction!

The background was just a screenshot from the 2009 movie 'The Road' starring Viggo Mortensen printed out onto plain white paper.


  1. Great looking figures, the horrid dead flesh colour look spot on!!

  2. very nice :D looks great :D followd :P

  3. Great looking site, Michael...I eventually want to get into the Victorian Period.

  4. Very nice zeds! Thanks for posting the 'Know Your Zombies' color guide as well.

  5. Thank you all, they were so much fun to do; a wonderful distraction from the norm.

    @Captain Richard: Of technically the American Civil War falls within the Victorian era, it would just be a case of seeing what was happening on the other side of the pond, that's is certainly how I'm going to justify dabbling the other way.

    All the best Gentlemen and once again thank you Pete for the colour guide.


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