Thursday 28 April 2011

Brothers in Arms

These mist covered mountains are a home now for me...

No I mustn't!!!  This is not supposed to be a post about the 1985 Dire Straits classic that is now reverberating around my mind.  Instead it was meant to be a very brief post showcasing this tremendous duo that has just rolled of the painting table.  I should add tremendous in its sculpting and not painting.  This represents the first figure of yet another distraction, this time 'The Thin Red Streak'.  The figures are from Great War Miniatures' Crimean range and are available in the UK through Northstar Military Figures.

Through these fields of destruction, baptisms of fire...

Ahhh, make it stop!!!  First observations are that these really are tremendous figures; there is a real sense of quality in the casting and wonderful attention to detail in the character pack.  I have to admit to being a little apprehensive regarding the amount of tartan painting this is going to involve but fortunately I have had a little help.

credit to

Well it made me chuckle, in all seriousness I was alerted to a wonderful post in the Gentlemans Wargames Parlour regarding a wonderful link that was just perfect for this project.  Toy Soldier on line gallery gives a wonderful step by step guide to achieving the tartan of your choice.  So far I have only had to tackle the 'Government' or 42nd Tartan as it is known.  I 'm reasonably pleased with the results but one tip from me would be to do the thin black lines at the end and then use the thinnest brush you have with undiluted black ink as opposed to paint.

I've witnessed your suffering as the battle raged higher...

I can't help thinking that it may have easier to have painted the miniature before assembling the two pieces together but from the point of view of being a test piece I'm pleased with the results; just another twenty eight to do.

We're fools to make war on our brothers in arms


  1. great painting, first thing I think when I look at the figures though is that the one on the left is moving in to smooch the neck of the one on the right, but that could just be me!!!
    you have been very productive
    Peace James

  2. He is definitely leaning in with a proposal! trying to clear the old painting queue so I can start on my 'Salute' purchases. Many thanks for the kind comments. All the best, Michael.

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