Friday 9 December 2011

Book Review#7. - The Death of Kings

The Death of Kings, book two of the 'Emperor' series by Conn Igggulden and what a rip roaring read this turned out to be!  Our two main protagonists are found fighting for their names and lives in far flung corners of the Roman Empire.  Julius Caesar starts the adventure aboard a war galley before been captured, ransomed and abandoned on the North African shore.  Trouble and glory seem to follow as he looks to build a force to avenge his honour.  Meanwhile back in Rome, Brutus is trying to return the disgraced Primigenia Legion to the rolls of the Senate; a task that will involve making shrewd political alliances.  When they finally meet again it is only just in time to march out in defence of Rome as a slave uprising led by the rebellious gladiator, Spartacus is threatening to consume their beloved city.

Fantastic to see the return of Tubruk and, the now one armed, Renius; great characters both and the guardians of the two young men.  Fast paced, great battle sequences and a wonderful insight into the day to day life of this most brutal of times.  Thoroughly enjoyed this as the fictional page turner that it is meant to be; although ultimately based in fact, Conn Iggulden makes no apologies for his invention and the narrative is all the better for it.  If you enjoyed 'The Gates of Rome' then you will really enjoy 'The Death of Kings'.  Now all I have to do is decide which miniatures to paint to represent it!  Without doubt worth everyone of its four crowns.


  1. I have very little time to read these days- so I've been listening to audio books while painting. I went ahead and got the first book of the series on unabridged audio bc of this recommendation: thanks! I'm read about half of the Colleen McCullough Rome books -someday I hope to get the chance to get back to them- they're excellent if you haven't read them I recommend them

  2. Sounds excellent...young Julius and Brutus!

  3. Well, will need to add this to my stack of things to read.


  4. Definitely worth a look, really enjoyed it; and thank you for the tip Mr. Ferret will certainly look up Colleen McCullough.


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