Tuesday 23 August 2011

More Empress Maoris

The latest efforts to shuffle off the paint queue; once again more Empress Miniatures, Maoris from  their New Zealand Wars range.  I have to admit to have really enjoyed painting these figures, top quality sculpting and wonderfully dynamic poses.  I've taken one or two creative liberties but on the whole tried to be honest to the research that I'd come across.  This set includes a realisation of Chief Hone Heke Pokai of the Ngapuhi tribe.  Hone Heke was the chief protagonist of the First Maori War, credited with repeatedly chopping down the flagstaff that provided the spark for the conflict.  Seen here wearing his sea captain's cap, sculpter Paul Hicks has paid homage to artist Richard Scollins' illustration for the Osprey title, "Queen Victoria's Enemies (4)".

Empress New Zealand Wars Maoris

Paul Hicks' sculpt of Hone Heke

During my research into the period I'd come across numerous paintings depicting Maori warriors with a shock of white hair, this would be my effort at recreating a more senior statesmen of the tribe.

Gottfried Lindauer painting.


  1. Really lovely work, the skin tone, and tattoos are really inspirational stuff.

  2. Lovely sculpts and lovely paint work, Michael! You've done a great job on these characters. They're ready to take on the Pakeha right now!

  3. They are all great. The sculpts are really characterful

    I'm not really into tribesmen of any sort. But these are excellent and you are making me want to get some even though i will never use them lol

  4. Excellent paintwork. Lovely basing with the ferns too.


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