Saturday 19 March 2011

Boer Cavalry

A very good friend and military historian, Richard very kindly donated these unknown Boers to the cause.  This was the first time, in the project, that I had painted anything other than Empress Miniatures and was immediately struck at how 'chunky' they felt in comparison.  It was strange that although I had found some reference material the nature of the Boer Commando was that there were very little in the way of official uniform.  Always tricky for someone whose progress is tentative at best!

28mm unknown Boer Cavalry

28mm unknown Boer Cavalry

The background was a loosely conceived idea that I had to create an oil painting that could double as a simple backdrop - yet another unfinished project!

28mm unknown Boer


  1. Very nice figures and very good painting work!
    Those 28mm seems to be in the same way than the STRELETS 1/72 !!
    (thanks for your comment on my blog!)

  2. Hi there. I would like to know if you are willing to sell these Boer miniatures?
    Thank you, Pierre (

    1. My apologies, I have only just discovered your comment! I am afraid that I would like to keep them in the collection as they were some of my first miniatures painted.

  3. these are boers from redoubt enterprises zulu-war range:)


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