Sunday 25 September 2011


Now when I was ordering up my 'Sharpe' characters after having read Mark Urban's wonderful book these chaps inadvertently dropped into the shopping basket!  Well having purchased a pack of their waterslide decals for the backpacks and canteens I clearly needed something to put them on.

Once again lovely detailing from 'Alban Miniatures', I particularly liked the the little touches such as repair patches on the threadbare campaign uniform and rolled up trouser legs, just enough to make the generic poses a little more special.  I have to admit that the anatomical correct scaling of the miniatures proved to be more challenging than I thought but from a distance they make a passable unit.


  1. Brilliant! Using these guys with Sharpe's Practice? I'll have to look at Alban these are great figs!

  2. Very nice paintjobs and the decals look really good.

    I take it by the correct scaling its made the legs seem a little longer?

  3. They look good and lanky, great work sir.

  4. Lovely work! Great paint job and the decals are a great idea.

    It's nice to see realistic 28mm sculpting for a change, rather than the dwarf-like proportions of the usual suspects!

  5. They look excellent. Like the differences in colour.
    Nice to see them painted up so well, I have them but put them away because I felt they would dissappear on the table between the other figs. Need to reconsider.

  6. Those are great well done!

    How were the decals to fit? seem so small but great result you got there.

  7. Many thanks for all the very positive comments.
    @Paul of the Man Cave, I'd really just got them as a distraction but I've heard good things about Sharpe Practice so might give it a go.

    @Willie, the decals where actually really easy to do, just cut carefully which is the difficult bit but then just a little water and the tip of a paintbrush were all that was needed.

    @Minimike, get them out, I'm sure you'll do a great job on them.


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